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Frequently asked questions

Buying a gift card

How are physical gift cards sent?

We'll send it to you (or your chosen recipient) by registered post to your nominated delivery address. Please note: this address must be in Australia.

Can I find out the status of my gift card order?

You sure can – just call the Gift Card Help Desk on 1300 554 268.

Can I pay for a gift card with my credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card via PayPal. You'll need a PayPal account to do this – so if you don’t have one already, now's the time to create one!

What if I experience payment problems or can't complete my order?

PayPal is currently the only way to pay for a Gift Card order. To ensure your order goes through, follow these steps when you reach the Payment Details section:

  • Click on the PayPal logo
  • This will take you to a PayPal pop up, allowing you to complete your payment (you'll need to create or login to your PayPal account)
  • Once your payment has gone through, you'll see a green tick in the Payment Details section
  • Click the 'Pay' button below the green tick
  • Your order number will appear on the next screen, indicating the transaction has been successful. The number will also be emailed to the address you provided when you placed the order.

How long do gift cards take to arrive?

We send gift cards by registered post. Please allow up to eight business days for delivery.

Receiving a gift card

What can I spend my gift card on?

You can use your gift card to make a Jetstar flight booking including extras like checked baggage, food and drink, entertainment, accommodation or insurance. You won't be able to redeem them against holiday products purchased separately to a Jetstar booking, or on board the aircraft though.

Can I use my gift card on two separate bookings?

You can use your Jetstar Gift Card on as many bookings as it takes for you to redeem the full value! Just make sure you’ve used it all up before the expiry date.

When does my gift card expire?

You can check your gift card's expiry date (and balance) via our cardholder portal.

Can you replace my gift card if I lose it?

Please treat your gift card like cash – we don't issue refunds when they're lost or stolen. If you think you've made a mistake in your booking, please contact us.

Are gift cards transferrable?

Yes. You can transfer your gift card to someone else. The flipside of this is that if your gift card is stolen or lost, there’s no restriction on who can redeem it – so look after it!

How do I use my gift card?

  1. Head to
  2. Search for and select your flight
  3. Select the Use a voucher or gift card option on the payment page
  4. Enter your gift card reference.
  5. Enter your PIN when prompted.
  6. Complete your booking
  7. Pack your bags!